Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yahoo history

It all started 1994 as student hobby at Standford University by David Filo an Jerry Yang.Those two smart students invent a small clever program for saving their favourite links.They put that links in categories,but after some time they had more and more links so they created subcategories.And the concept of the Yahoo core has ben created!
Yahoo name was created as an an ancronym for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle".As their guide were using their friends from University Yahoo became more popular every day.At the end of the 1994 Yahoo has had first 100 000 unique visitors per day.As Yahoo was getting more popular every month Apple,Atari,Oracle and Cisco systems agreed to invest 2 milion dollars in new brand.This was the final step in Yahoo development,and from that day to 1997 developers who had worked on created world famous search engine!

Web Domains

Web domain name is a special and unique adress for web site,just like you at home have house number in your city thats like web sites on the internet have their place on some server.Your domain must be hosted somewhere it must have home just like us.And homes for domains are web hostings who give your domain place on their server.
Surely you are asking why is web domain name important.For three main reasons.First,when you have good domain people who are visiting your site look it more seriously because that adress is the core of your website.If you have some lousy domain name people wont treat it like good site just because it is first thing you must do when you go build web site.Second,when your domain adress is good,funny,promising then it is easy rememberable and people will remember it and you have ensoured you direct trafic to your site.And third,search engines will treat you better if you have good domain name for example from yahoo,google,msn and will rank you better in their search results.